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It is a state created corporate entity. It has its own birth certificate ( an LLC certificate ) and its own Social Security Number ( a Federal Tax ID EIN ). Thus, it is a separate person. A legal person as opposed to a natural person because it has papers but no physical body. It is separate from you so you are not liable for its wrongs and taxes. As an LLC owner, you are called an LLC member who might also manage the LLC or another designated person could manage it. If you are going to make any serious money such as more than $50,000 per year, you may want to form an LLC or coproration. It is the best to help you save on taxes and protect you from personal liability.
Why Do I Need It?

If you file as a sole proprietor, you will be liable for all business debts and liabilities. For example, you have a cleaning business and your employee steals from your clients, you will be liable personally. If you form an LLC, and the same thing happens, your personal assets, such as your home and car are protected. If sued, they can only get what the LLC has. If only $1,000 in the bank, that is all the plaintiff gets.

Even though they will tell you that Delaware or Nevada is the best state, the best state is actually the state you do business in. This simplifies the entire business.

You can obtain all permits for your business here online.


Obtain all business permits here online.


Follow The Steps Below

1. Select Entity

* LLC (Limited Liability Co.
* Sole Proprietor (DBA)
* Partnership, or
* Incorporation as S Corporation  C Corporation, or Nonprofit Corp.

2. Get Licenses

* A Business License, and/or
Home Occupation Permit, or
* Vendor's License, or
Peddler's License, or
* Tobacco License etc.

3. Register for Tax

All businesses need an EIN. If you sell tangible (touchable) products, you will need a sales tax ID. If you will hire, you will need a State Employer Tax ID. A business license is a type of general business tax Filing and it is required by all businesses.

Business Permit

All business permit also called a  license, business tax registration or home occupation permit.

Seller's Permit

All wholesalers, retailers and wholesale buyers need a seller's permit.  


An LLC,  is an legal entity structure.  It will protect both your personal and business assets.


Users of a trade name, must register the name with a Doing Business As,  (DBA) certificate.  

Where and How to obtain the permits

You can obtain all the permits here. As a business, you will need at least a business permit, an EIN permit, a seller's permit if you are buying /  selling wholesale or selling retail, a state EIN if you are hiring and an LLC, DBA, or Corporation if you want to become a corporate entity or simply register your assumed trade firm name.

How Do I obtain a business permit for my small business?  

You need to know the requirements first. For example, there are permits on the federal, state, county and city levels.  For instance, hygiene related businesses must go thru the county while others thru the state only or the city. Still others, they may have to have federal permitting.  Finally, keep in mind that home and online businesses need permits. 

Learn more about the different permits

When starting a business and getting permits, you need to know how to fill out the business permit application.  For example, some businesses must select the type of structure when filling out the permit application.  Being a home business may require you to get a home occupation permit and or a business permit.  

Register Online

Obtain all business licenses here online.

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We Will Obtain Them

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